Diamcor is focused on leveraging its proven operational history, established relationships, and excellent corporate structure to implement a production based business strategy that will allow it to achieve growth in the supply of rough diamonds to the world market. 

Rather than a typical high-risk exploration based strategy of focusing on trying to discover new Kimberlite sources, Diamcor focuses on the identification, acquisition, and operation of near-term production based diamond projects.  Projects targeted are typically non-core projects from diamond majors which are "above-ground", or "near-surface" which meet the Company's in-depth due diligence.  Suitable projects such as the processing of older Kimberlite tailings reserves from well known mines previously shut down, or higher-grade "alluvial", or "eluvial" deposits such as the acquisition of Krone-Endora at Venetia (closed February 28th, 2011) from De Beers, all have the potential to produce ongoing, profitable production, at levels too small for the majors yet quite attractive for a mid-tier company with lower operating cost structures.