Tailings Processing Projects

Diamcor has extensive experience, and a proven track record, in the mining and recovery of diamonds through the processing of kimberlite tailings. South Africa has a long and extensive history of large kimberlite diamond mines dating back over 100 years, and that history presents a significant opportunity for newer and more modern processing and recovery methods to be implemented on the remaining vast stockpiles of Kimberlite tailings materials. These historical mines worked and recovered many millions of tons of diamondiferous kimberlite material from open pit and deep underground mining at sites which are now recognized to be some of the most famous diamond mines in the world. The ability to use newer and more efficient processing plants and methods to process stockpiled kimberlite tailings from these mines to recover diamonds missed years ago presents a significant opportunity for the Company. These large above ground tailings stockpiles can be easily quantified, graded and valued to produce reliable modeling of processing costs and expected revenues. The Company sees this method of diamond mining as an opportunity to establish further stable sources of long-term revenue for the Company and it remains a key focus of the Company's ongoing strategy. The Company plans to continue its ongoing efforts to identify, evaluate, and potentially acquire large sources of quality diamond tailings to enhance its ongoing growth strategy.

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