Rough Diamond Sales

Once recovered, rough diamonds are sorted by experts in a controlled, secure environment, and categorized or grouped into parcels for tender.  The rough diamonds are sorted into various parcels according to their shape, size, clarity and colour, and it is at this point that potential gem quality diamonds are separated from industrial diamonds. Industrial diamonds are lower-quality stones which are not suited for gem purposes, but are suitable for use in various none-gem related applications due to overall characteristics of diamonds (IE; drill bits, cutting tools, medical devices, etc).  Once sorted into appropriate packages, the diamonds are delivered to an accredited diamond bourse for tender in conjunction with various other producing mines goods.  Tenders are typically held on a regular basis every four to six weeks depending on demand, and attended by the world's diamond buyers who purchase goods on behalf of their clients, or for their own use.

Traditionally in the past, the majority of diamonds were sold through De Beers' centralized selling channel, the Central Selling Organization (CSO), but it is now common for many companies, such as Diamcor Mining, to sell their rough diamonds to accredited diamond bourses and receive the best possible pricing.

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