Dr. Stephen Haggerty To Join Diamcor Mining's Board Of Directors


KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, April 25, 2007 – Diamcor Mining Inc. (TSX-V:DMI) (“Diamcor” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephen E. Haggerty has agreed to join the Company’s Board of Directors. Dr. Haggerty is a distinguished geophysics research professor and has been recognized as one of the world’s leading diamond experts. His over four decades of experience in the diamond industry will greatly compliment the Company’s current management team and enhance its ability to achieve ongoing acquisition and growth objectives.

Dr. Haggerty graduated from the Royal School of Mines in Economic Geology in 1964 and received his Ph.D. from the University of London in 1968. This was followed by a three-year post-doctoral Carnegie Fellowship at the Geophysical Laboratory in Washington, D.C., followed by a lengthy tenure at the University of Massachusetts. His most recent post has been as Distinguished Research Professor at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Dr. Haggerty’s extensive industry research has ranged from studies of lunar samples and meteorites, to diamonds and the evolution of the Earth’s upper mantle. He was a Principal Investigator for ten years in the U.S. Apollo and Soviet Luna sample return programs and served on the Lunar Sample Analysis Planning Team. As a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Haggerty spent his Fulbright year researching diamond-bearing rocks in Hyderabad, in south central India. In January 2001, he participated in a White House conference where he provided scientific bases for the identification of “conflict” diamonds, essential for the implementation of the Clean Diamonds Act passed by the United States Congress and signed into law in 2003.

A native of South Africa, Dr. Haggerty is from the Witwatersrand Basin of which is located 50 kilometres from the Bushveld ecoregion and the famous Premier Diamond Mine. He is also the long-time landowner of the property on which the famous Jagersfontein mine is situated. Jagersfontein has a long and powerful history and its diamonds were famous for both their exceptional quality and size. Of the ten largest diamonds ever found in the world, two came from this mine – a 972 carat blue-white called the Excelsior and 640 carat named the Reitz. The Jagersfontein mine has not operated for many years, however, it is estimated that approximately 30-50 million tonnes of diamond tailings from this historical underground mine remain embedded on the property.

Dean Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Diamcor commented, “We look forward to this opportunity to work closely with Dr. Haggerty and to the valued input he will add as a member of our Board of Directors. His extensive technical knowledge, understanding, and his past working relationships with some of the diamond industry’s leading companies will certainly assist Diamcor in its efforts to secure and analyze additional projects in the future.”

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