Diamcor's stated focus is a desired, and direct deviation from the typical exploration focused strategy of exploring for the discovery of new Kimberlite mines.  That being said, certain exploration efforts performed by the Company are completed when evaluating new production based projects targeted for acquisition.  During the evaluation of potential acquisition targets of Kimberlite tailings projects, or select alluvial and eluvial projects, the Company undertakes proven exploration methods aimed at determining the potential of projects to meet the Company's requirements to achieve sustained near-term production over suitable long project life.  Geophysics, along with low-cost near-surface drilling programmes, and bulk sampling, help the company to better determine any project's potential, and are used in conjunction with quality past exploration data and independent NI 43-101 reports to establish operational models to minimize risk.

In addition to these efforts aimed at helping the Company to select new projects for potential acquisition, projects such as the DeBeers Krone-Endora at Venetia acquisition (closed February 28th, 2011) can also have additional areas of interest which the Company systematically drills and evaluates in an effort to establish yet further resources which can add to overall production targets and project life.  Projects which the Company acquires may also prove to have potential kimberlite occurrences, such as was the case at So Ver, and under those scenarios the Company does have the ability to perform initial drilling and bulk sampling to measure initial significance.  While the Company may perform such initial work, it is not a key focus of the Company, and the typical strategy employed by the Company would be to partner with a larger entity on such occurrences to minimize the associated costs and risks.  This was the strategy employed at the Company's previous Doornkloof exploration project.

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