So Ver

The Company has a long established operational history of processing Kimberlite tailings at its So Ver Mine facility near Kimberley South Africa.  The operations at So Ver consisted of approximately 100 employees, and ran on a 24/7 day a week basis using a modern, upgraded and well run facility which processed Kimberlite material extracted from a number of subsurface fissure mines along an approximately 3 km of strike length, known collectively as the Ardo Dyke System. These mines have been active over some 45 years, and various mining groups continue feasibility studies to operate the underground Ardo mine adjacent to the So Ver property.

So Ver's Tailings Re-treatment facility operated until 2006 and was able to produce between 1,500 and 2,000 carats of mostly gem-quality diamonds on a monthly basis. However, with the remaining higher-grade tailings at So Ver successfully processed by 2006, and no suitable additional reserves of significant size available in the immediate area, the Company began the process of removing and re-conditioning much of the plant and infrastructure at So Ver in anticipation of its move to a new project.

In addition to the tailings operations at So Ver, Diamcor was the rightful owner of the mining and surface rights to the So Ver property, and thus performed various Kimberlite exploration programmes on various areas of interest on the property. The extensive experience gained by the Company through the successful ongoing operation of the So Ver Mine has secured Diamcor a well-earned reputation in the area of tailings processing.

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