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Diamcor focuses on the identification, acquisition, and operation of near-term production based diamond projects which demonstrate the potential to generate sustained diamond production and cash flow. Diamcor's experienced Management and operational team have a proven history of successful project operation on a 24/7 basis in South Africa. The Company's production based focus is a clear, and intended deviation from the typical high-risk exploration focus aimed at the discovery and establishment of new kimberlite diamond mines. Instead, Diamcor focuses on acquiring projects which deal with the processing of tailings reserves using modern technologies (some tailings reserves in S.A. are approaching 50 years old), and/or, the very careful selection of quality alluvial and Eluvial projects which allow for the recoveries of documented diamondiferous gravels using simple, low cost strip-mining types of operations. Both project types have the potential to achieve sustained diamond production with short lead-times to that production. Many industry experts agree that when the growing demands from emerging markets of China and India are combined with economic recoveries around the world, there will be a significant shortfall in the current known world wide diamond productions abilities to meet those demands.

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